What are the tax and regulatory implications for a US company building a manufacturing plant in China? What does a Canadian company need to know before purchasing a facility in the US? What do you need to know before exporting to India? What should a US company know about VAT, payroll taxes and import fees when exporting products to the EU? Is it better to purchase an existing facility rather than build one when moving to the US? What local incentives are available to foreign companies building distribution sites in the US?

Our professional staff offers decades of expertise dealing with international tax and accounting issues and fully understands the reporting and compliance needs of our international subsidiary clients and individuals. While we offer the experience of a large national firm, clients also receive highly personalized service so that their unique needs are met. Whether setting up a US-based company for the first time or already established in the United States, our firm will provide a services package tailored to your specific needs.

As you attempt to make sense of the global marketplace, you need to work with a team of accounting experts, tax experts, and industry consultants who truly understand what is required to do business internationally.

Our team can help you identify locations with the best combination of low taxes, reduced labor costs, and abundant raw materials. We can help you select sites, which have a highly skilled/trained workforce and proximity to customers. We can help you decide between joint ventures, mergers and buyouts. We can help you look beyond the immediate challenges and develop long-term strategic goals. We can even introduce you to investors and legal advisers.