Global Outsourced Tax Compliance; International Tax Consulting

Hein has an established international tax practice that serves businesses and individuals with complex transactions on a global level. Hein can develop and implement forward-thinking and business-oriented tax planning strategies to minimize the worldwide effective tax rate.

Hein’s International Tax Services team (including colleagues from affiliate offices) work with clients in countries around the globe providing support and tax advice to companies and individuals on a wide range of projects such as:

  • Advising on the tax aspects of conducting international business
  • Preparing U.S. and foreign tax returns
  • Structuring international investments and operations
  • Assisting with intercompany transfer pricing and documentation
  • Supporting employees on inpatriate & expatriate assignments with tax preparation and consulting assistance
  • Serving as a company’s temporary or outsourced tax department

Specialized Services

  • Compliance
    • Preparation of U.S. tax filings related to foreign transactions and ownership
    • Outsourced tax compliance in the U.S. and/or abroad, working with Prime Global affiliate offices around the world
    • Information reporting
    • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure
  • Consulting
    • Classification of taxpayers, choice of entity and “check-the-box” planning
    • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
    • VAT and income tax exposure in foreign jurisdictions
    • Transfer pricing modeling and documentation
    • U.S. tax of business and non-business income of foreign persons
    • U.S. tax on repatriation of foreign earnings
    • Anti-deferral regimes – CFC, PFIC (compliance reporting and Subpart F income)
    • Outbound transfers of tangible and intangible property
    • Foreign tax credit
    • U.S. expatriate taxation
    • Selling goods and services internationally
  • Accounting
    • ASC 740-10-05, Preparation of income tax provisions for U.S. and foreign operations
    • ASC 740-10-55, Preparation and analysis of uncertain tax positions

Benefits of Working with Hein

  • Tax strategies that minimize the worldwide tax rate, saving you money and leaving more funds to grow your business
  • Specialist reviews of your business transactions to minimize risks of unexpected taxes or penalties
  • Access to Hein’s network of third-party global relationships, providing you with the specialized knowledge you need for specific transactions
  • Seamless delivery of our international tax services, enabling you to accomplish your goals virtually anywhere
  • Ability to outsource your tax department compliance function to those most familiar with business tax compliance, simplifying tax management, reducing costs, and eliminating the burden of searching for qualified staff

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